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Gumballhead – Pale Wheat Ale – American
5.6% ABV – 3 Floyds Brewing Company – Munster, IN
An American wheat beer with a refreshing, crisp citrus finish. This delicious session beer is brewed with boatloads of Amarillo hops.

Barrel Aged Cereal Killer – Barleywine – English
12.0% ABV – Arcadia Brewing Company – Kalamazoo, MI
We’ve taken our English-style barley wine and aged it in Bourbon barrels for 12-18 months, where it undergoes a transformation into a more complex, layered ale with structure for years. Hazelnut-claret in color, it pours syrupy and raises and off-white head. The aroma reveals scents of nutty malt, pralines, toffee, and hints of milk chocolate. The flavor follows suit, but brings to the forefront a bold Bourbon presence, rounding and full-bodied. Sip this fine, rare treat at cellar temperature (around 50F) to allow the full malt and Bourbon complexity to come through. Winner of the Gold Medal for Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer at the 2009 GABF.

Celebrator – Doppelbock
6.7% ABV – Ayinger – Aying
(Also reported at 7.3%) Celebrator has a creamy head of tight bubbles contrasting beautifully with its profound dark robe. It is full-bodied and velvety from half a year’s aging. Although it is strong, it is not overpowering. There is a wonderful and complex balance between the various malts, the alcohol and the subtle hops. A complex fruitiness of roasted malt and whole hop flowers make Celebrator great as a party drink with friends and family at celebrations. Despite its richness, it has a faintly smoky dryness in the finish.

A beer that has a dominant malty taste. This beer’s origins
in a monk’s recipe are reflected in its heartiness. The Pope
of Beers, Conrad Seidl, describes it as: “Almost black with
a very slight red tone, a sensational, festive foam and truly extraordinary fragrance that at first summons up visions of greaves lard. The first taste is of mild fullness with an accompanying coffee tone, which becomes more dominant
with the aftertaste. There is very little of the sweetness that is frequently to be tasted with doppelbock beer.” The Ayinger Celebrator has been ranked among the best beers of the world by the Chicago Testing Institute several times and has won numerous platinum medals..

Geuze Mariage Parfait – Lambic – Gueuze
8.0% ABV – Boon – Lembeek, Vlaams-Brabant
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait has an alcohol content of 8%. It consists of 95% mild lambic, aged at least three years and specially reserved for this purpose, and 5% young lambic. The latter provides the fermentable sugars and wild yeasts. After mixing in a vessel of 25,000 litres, the wort (unfermented mixture) is filtered and chilled. If we are bottling, we bring it back to fermentation temperature. The bottles are placed in a climate-controlled space for the secondary fermentation. This is followed by maturing at low temperature for at least 6 months. Want to know the bottling date? Simply subtract 20 years from the “best before” date!
The soft, mildly sour berry taste, harmonises with the oak barrels’ aromas in which Geuze Mariage Parfait has ripen. The body speaks of vanilla followed by a bitter aftertaste of cloves that becomes increasingly intense. Sublime.

Tripel Karmeliet – Belgian Tripel
8.4% ABV – Bosteels – Buggenhout, Oost-Vlaanderen
Tripel Karmeliet is still brewed to an authentic beer recipe from 1679 originating in the former Carmelite monastery in Dendermonde. Written over 300 years ago, this recipe describes the use of three kinds of grain: wheat, oats and barley.

The name Tripel karmeliet thus refers both to its origin and its in-bottle refermentation. From many trial brews of multigrain tripels carried out at our brewery in the 90s, it appears that the particular historic combination of the 3 kinds of grain still remains the ideal blend.

Arabier (2011) – Belgian Strong Golden Ale
8.0% ABV – De Dolle – Esen, West-Vlaanderen
An arabier is a pure malt beer 8°vol/alc brewed with flower Nugget-hops from Poperinge. It has the special dry-hopping taste and aroma, so appreciated by beer lovers all over the world. It is one of the two main beers from De Dolle Brouwers throughout the year. Aging time is limited due to the fact that hop bitterness is declining with the time. Store arabier cool and dark and serve cool at 10°C. Cheers!

Noël – Winter Ale
10.0% ABV – Delirium – Melle, Oost-Vlaanderen
Brewed only for the Christmas and New Year, Noël complete the “Delirium” trilogy. Its appearance is a superb warm copper to red color, recalling “Nocturnum” except in its taste. It hides its subtlety by multiple levels of flavor and should be approached with confidence, with a tinge typical Christmas, sauced with a sweet touch, then bitterness.

Saison Dupont – Saison / Farmhouse Ale
6.5% ABV – Dupont – Tourpes, Hainaut
Saison Dupont is a world classic beer and the yardstick for one of Belgium’s most important beer styles. It is the most admired AND imitated Saison in the world. A strong, vital yeast is key to full attenuation and thus to the style. Saison Dupont is straw colored with a dense creamy head. The nose is alive, like fresh raised bread, estery with citrus and spice notes. Full-bodied and malty, it sparkles on the palate and finishes with a zesty hop and citrus attack. Incredibly compatible with food!

Duvel – Belgian Strong Golden Ale
8.5% ABV – Duvel Moortgat – Puurs, Antwerpen
Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. The unique brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees a pure character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet taste of alcohol.

Apart from pure spring water, which is the main ingredient of beer, barley is the most important raw material. Barley must germinate for five days in the malt house, after which malt remains. The colour of the malt and as a consequence also of the beer is determined by the temperature. Duvel obtains its typical bitterness by adding various varieties of aromatic Slovenian and Czech hops. We use only exclusive hops that are renowned for their constant, outstanding quality.

Duvel ferments for the first time in tanks at 20 to 26°C. The brewer uses his own culture for this. The original yeast strain, which Victor Moortgat himself selected in the 1920’s, originates from Scotland. After maturing in storage tanks in which the beer is cooled down to -2°C, the drink is ready for bottling. Thanks to the addition of extra sugars and yeast, the beer ferments again in the bottle. This occurs in warm cellars (24°C) and takes two weeks. Then the beer is moved to cold cellars, where it continues to mature and stabilise for a further six weeks. This extra long maturation period is unique and contributes to the refined flavour and pure taste of Duvel.

Bumbleberry Honey Blueberry Ale – Fruit Beer
5.3% ABV – Fat Head’s Brewery – North Olmsted, OH
Brewed with fresh harvested spring honey, stolen from some very angry bees (we have the welts to prove it) and infused with our own special painstakingly, handpicked blueberry essence. A light refreshing ale with a nice blueberry aroma, crackery malt flavors with a hint of sweetness and a light tart blueberry finish. “Most Refreshing Beer in America” 1st Place – Brewing News Global Warming Open

Head Hunter IPA – IPA – American
7.5% ABV – Fat Head’s Brewery – North Olmsted, OH
Uncivilized and aggressive, this West Coast styled IPA packs wicked hop flavors and aroma. World Beer Cup Silver 2012. GABF Silver 2010, Bronze 2011. National IPA Championship Winner 2012, 2010.

Matilda – Pale Ale – Belgian
7.0% ABV – Goose Island Beer Co. – Chicago, IL
Inspired by great Trappist ales, our complex Belgian Style Pale Ale is fermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces. Matilda pours a golden sunrise color with dried fruit and clove aromas, a spicy yeast flavor, and a satisfying dry finish.

According to legend, a grateful Countess Matilda founded a monastery where, over centuries, monks have been brewing ale unique in character. While in Belgium, we were inspired by the story and the monks’ beer. We returned to Chicago and brewed our homage – a Belgian Style Pale Ale named Matilda.

Sofie – Saison / Farmhouse Ale
6.5% ABV – Goose Island Beer Co. – Chicago, IL
Fermented with wild yeasts, a blend of 80% Belgian Style Saison and 20% Belgian Style Saison aged in wine barrels with citrus peel, Sofie is a tart, dry, sparkling ale. A subtle, spicy white pepper note, a hint of citrus from the orange peel and a creamy vanilla finish make Sofie an intriguing choice for Champagne drinkers and beer drinkers who are fond of Belgian Saisons.

Oudbeitje – Lambic – Fruit
6.0% ABV – Hanssens – Dworp, Vlaams-Brabant

Framboise – Lambic – Framboise
2.5% ABV – Lindemans – Vlezenbeek, Vlaams-Brabant
The appearance of this exceptional beer is matched only by its taste! To make our Framboise, we add raspberry juice to our lambic. That gives it a delicate fruity aroma and a beautiful dark pink colour, just like the dress I wore to our cousin Willy’s wedding. (But that’s of no interest to you since you undoubtedly don’t know Willy). Framboise is served as an aperitif, but I also use it in cooking. And when I don’t finish the bottle in my preparations, I finish it in my glass.

It’s Alive! Barrel Aged White Wine – Sour – Ale
8.0% ABV – Mikkeller – Copenhagen
En vild belgisk ale brygget på: vand, malt (pale og cara), lys kandis, humle (hallertau og styrian golding), gær og brettanomyces. Lagret 7 måneder på hvidvinsfade.

Ris a la M’ale – Fruit Beer
8.0% ABV – Mikkeller – Copenhagen
En Ris a la M’ale brygget på: Ris, mælk/fløde (lactose), vanilje, mandelekstrakt, sukker, salt og kirsebær. Og så en smule vand, malt, humle og gær.

Three Philosophers – Belgian Quad
9.7% ABV – Ommegang – Cooperstown, NY
98% Ale – 2% Ale with Cherries Added. Unique blend of Ommegang Quadruple Ale and Liefmans Kriek. Three Philosophers was made for contemplation.

Aged Pale – Sour – Ale
7.3% ABV – Petrus – Bavikhove, West-Vlaanderen
Petrus Aged Pale is a 100% uncut beer from our oak foeders and aged for 18-24 months. Michael Jackson, the beer hunter, chose the name in the late 1990′s and he was the first to sell it in his beer clubs. Today, it is still the reference for SOUR beers in the US. Petrus Aged Pale has won multiple gold medals in beer competitions worldwide. Moreover, ever since the start of the brewery, Petrus Aged Pale is used as a blending beer to give other beers fresh and slightly sour flavours and aromas. Cheers!

Weizen – Hefeweizen
4.8% ABV – Primátor – Nachod
Weizen is a refreshing, unfiltered beer with a characteristically dense foam. The tones of banana, cloves, a slight hint of nectarines can be found in the aroma and flavour. Its quality is evident from many awards, from both domestic and foreign tasting competitions, which Weizen receives annually. After all, which of the Czech beers can boast such a prestigious title as “The Best Beer in the World” from the World Beer Awards in London?

Weizen je osvěžující nefiltrované pivo s charakteristickou hustou pěnou. V aroma vůni i chuti lze objevovat tóny banánu, hřebíčku, lehký náznak nektarinek. O jeho kvalitě svědčí spousta ocenění z tuzemských i zahraničních degustačních soutěží, které každoročně získává. Ostatně, které z českých piv se může chlubit tak prestižním titulem „Nejlepší pivo na světě“ z World Beer Awards v Londýně?

Chmel: Žatecký poloraný červeňák, Sládek
Slad: plzeňský, pšeničný

Privat – Lager – Dortmunder / Export
5.2% ABV – Riegele – 86150 Augsburg, BY

Classic – Sour – Flanders Red Ale
5.2% ABV – Rodenbach – Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen
RODENBACH is the unique & original “Flanders Red Ale”, recognised as a traditional local product. Mixed main fermentation and maturation in oak casks (“foeders”) give it the same sweet-sour flavour and complex fruitiness as wine.

RODENBACH consists of 3/4 young beer and 1/4 beer matured two years in oak. It’s is highly refreshing and appetising: the perfect apéritif or session ale!
Since 1821.

Organic Chocolate Stout – Stout – Chocolate
5.0% ABV – Samuel Smith – Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Brewed with well water (the original well, sunk in 1758, is still in use with the hard water is drawn from 85 feet underground), the gently roasted organic chocolate malt and organic cocoa impart a delicious, smooth and creamy character, with inviting deep flavours and a delightful finish – this is the perfect marriage of satisfying stout and luxurious chocolate.

Oatmeal Stout – Stout – Oatmeal
5.0% ABV – Samuel Smith – Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Brewed with well water (the original well at the Old Brewery, sunk in 1758, is still in use, with the hard well water being drawn from 85 feet underground); fermented in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’ to create an almost opaque, wonderfully silky and smooth textured ale with a complex medium dry palate and bittersweet finish.

The Pit & The Pendulum with Cherries – Sour – Ale
6.1% ABV – SweetWater Brewing Company – Atlanta, GA
Sour Golden Ale aged on oak with 3000 lbs of cherries

Seventeen – Imperial Saison
10.5% ABV – Weyerbacher Brewing Company – Easton, PA
Seventeen is a Saison Ale brewed with pink peppercorns, orange zest, lemon zest, and grapefruit zest. Brewed to the classic “Weyerbacher anniversary requirement” of a strength of 10% abv or more, Seventeen weighs in at a style-obliterating 10.5% abv. Seventeen releases subtle notes of fruit, berry and pepper upon pouring. You’ll notice a balanced sweetness with a touch of citrus and spice with a dry and peppery finish.
Seventeen is a once-and-done release only and will not be here for long! This style of beer should age very, very well. Be sure to get some before it’s gone!

- Cans -

Hell or High Watermelon – Fruit Beer
4.9% ABV – 21st Amendment Brewery – San Francisco, CA
Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—summer in a can.

Lager – Lager – Vienna
5.2% ABV – Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyn, NY
Caramel-forward vienna lager with dry-hopped aroma.

Tremens – Belgian Strong Golden Ale
8.5% ABV – Delirium – Melle, Oost-Vlaanderen
NB: Depending on the location and batch, this beer can be either 8.5% or 8.7%. Please do not post an edit request asking to change it from one to the other.

The allusion to pink elephants and the choice of names is not due to chance. With a particular character, the unique taste of results from the use of three different kinds of yeast. The result is a finish of peppery bitterness without aggression. The gray bottle hides a mystery awaiting discovery by the none faint of heart.

60 Minute IPA – IPA – American
6.0% ABV – Dogfish Head – Milton, DE
60 Minute IPA is continuously hopped — more than 60 hop additions over a 60-minute boil. Getting a vibe of where the name came from? 60 Minute is brewed with a slew of great Northwest hops. A powerful but balanced East Coast IPA with a lot of citrusy hop character, it’s the session beer for hardcore enthusiasts!

SeaQuench Ale – Sour – Gose
4.9% ABV – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Milton, DE
SeaQuench Ale is a session sour mash-up of a crisp Kolsch, a salty Gose, and a tart Berliner Weiss brewed in sequence with black limes, sour lime juice and sea salt to make this the most thirst-quenching beer Dogfish Head has ever brewed.

All Day IPA – IPA – Session / India Session Ale
4.7% ABV – Founders Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids, MI
Satisfies your tastes while keeping your senses sharp. Brewed with a complex array of ingredients. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish.

Chomolungma Honey Nut Brown – Brown Ale – American
6.5% ABV – Jackie O’s – Athens, OH
This brown ale was brewed to commemorate the Lungevity Everest Expedition. Brian Oestrike the brother of Jackie O’s owner Art, sumitted the unforgiving mountain on May 22nd, 2007. The people of Tibet call Mt. Everest “Chomolungma” this exceptional ale carries on the spirit of the climb. 8 Malts, 2 hops, and twenty pounds of wild flower honey give this ale an exceptional character. Baked muffins, dark fruit, bittersweet chocolate, rich honey and earthy subtle hops caress the palate. Booze soaked chocolate raisins round out the warm finish.

Rouge – Fruit Beer
8.0% ABV – Kasteel – Ingelmunster, West-Vlaanderen
Its unique dark red colour is obtained by mixing Castle brown that has been left to mature for at least 6 months with sour cherries.

Kasteel Rouge is aptly named for it’s deep, dark red color brought on by the addition of sour cherries to a base of brown ale, which is then left in the barrel for a six month period. This ale will surprise many with the sour of the cherries and the 8% alcohol level.

This beer has gastronomic qualities and can be drunk as an aperitif, with a BBQ, to accompany a dessert or simply as an outstanding real ale.

Fat Tire – Red Ale – American Amber / Red
5.2% ABV – New Belgium – Fort Collins, CO
After a trip to Europe, New Belgium’s co-founder returned to Colorado from Belgium with a handful of ingredients and an idea. Two years later, Fat Tire – named in honor of his inspired bike ride across the Belgian countryside – pedaled its way into the hearts of beer drinkers. Now considered an iconic centerpiece of the craft beer movement, Fat Tire represents the American spirit of craft brewing ingenuity and an irresistible imagination that reminds us all to rediscover our playful side.

Fat Tire’s unique flavor profile originates from the late 1930s, when local Belgian breweries aimed to satisfy the tastes of visiting British soldiers. English floral hops, subtle malt sweetness and spicy, fruity notes from Belgian yeast made for a balanced yet magical combination. These same characteristics are at the heart of Fat Tire. Classified as an Ameri-Belgo style ale by the revered Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions, Fat Tire blends a fine malt presence, fresh herbal hop balance and a touch of fruity yeast to offer drinkers everywhere a timeless craft beer experience with a rare blend of balance and complexity.

Malts: Pale, C-80, Munich, Victory

Hops: Willamette, Goldings, Nugget

Yeast: House Ale Yeast

Dale’s Pale Ale – Pale Ale – American
6.5% ABV – Oskar Blues – Longmont, CO
This voluminously hopped mutha delivers a hoppy nose and assertive-but-balanced flavors of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish. Oskar Blues launched its canning ops in 2002, brewing and hand-canning Dale’s Pale Ale in the Lyons, Colorado, brewpub. America’s first-craft-canned mountain pale is a hearty, critically acclaimed trailblazer that changed the way craft beer fiends perceive portable beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon – Lager – North American Adjunct
4.6% ABV – Pabst Brewing Company – Woodridge, IL
This is the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Nature’s choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America’s Best in 1893.

Kölsch – Kölsch
4.8% ABV – Reissdorf – Köln

Trooper – Extra Special / Strong Bitter
4.7% ABV – Robinsons Brewery – Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK1 1JJ
“Trooper takes its name from the Iron Maiden song which is inspired by the famous Charge of the Light Brigade. Being a real ale enthusiast, vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true depth of character.

Trooper is a Premium British Beer inspired by Iron Maiden and handcrafted at Robinsons brewery. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.”

Beer For Drinking – Golden Ale
4.8% ABV – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Chico, CA
There are days when you want a beer—just a beer—that hits
all the right spots. Well, this is it. No snifters required, no
special occasions, just an unfussy, uncomplicated hoppy
golden ale brewed to fit in no matter where it goes. This
isn’t beer for collecting, this is beer for drinking.

Wit – Witbier
5.5% ABV – St. Bernardus – Watou, West-Vlaanderen
This traditional Witbier (Wheat beer) has been developed in cooperation with Master Brewer Pierre Celis, the Godfather of Hoegaarden and Celis White.

This beer as well has a second fermentation in the bottle, giving this beer its specific taste (5.5% alcohol content).

Grapefruit Radler – Shandy / Radler
2.5% ABV – Stiegl – Salzburg, Salzburg
ABW 3.2% / ABV 4.0% in some markets.
ABW 2.0% / ABV 2.5% in some markets.

Hazy medium yellow, foamy white head. Strong aroma of grapefruit juice. Taste – tart, crisp light body, gives way to some sugary aftertaste and a hint of malt at the very very end. Straight up grapefruit, lemon, and sugar without any hint of alcohol or really beer.

Lemon Radler – Shandy / Radler
2.5% ABV – Stiegl – Salzburg, Salzburg
This refreshing thirst quencher with real lemon juice satisfies your senses with its sparkling and invigorating taste.

Grevensteiner – Kellerbier / Zwickelbier
5.2% ABV – Veltins – 59872 Meschede, NW

Veltins Pilsener – Pilsner – German
4.8% ABV – Veltins – 59872 Meschede, NW

- Gluten Free -

Zombie Killer – Cider – Other
5.5% ABV – B. Nektar Meadery – Ferndale, MI
Cherry Hard Cider
Essential elements- Apple, cherry

Appearance – Deep pink and clear with a light, lacy head that quickly dissipates.

Aroma – Crisp, clean apple cider, round, ripe tart cherry.

Experience – Tart cherry sweetness up front with full, yet crisp fermented cider. Heavy apple skin compliments the cherry. Sweet, creamy honey rounds the flavor and balances the tartness of the cherry. Light carbonation lifts the flavor while the honey smooths the overall mouthfeel. Finishes crisp and clean.

Wakefire – Cider – Other
6.5% ABV – Blake’s – Armada, MI
It’s impossible to replicate a Michigan summer. Recreating a northern night under the stars would be a futile endeavor. So, we’ve done the next best thing – we’ve crafted summer’s perfect ally. Experience WakeFire, a comforting blend of Michigan-grown cherries, orange peel and our famous Blake’s apples.

Strawberry Magic – Cider – Other
5.0% ABV – Ciderboys – Stevens Point, WI
Come alive to crisp apple hard cider blended with the fresh taste of strawberries, soft and deep red, backed by mouth watering sweetness and a delicate hint of tartness. This is Strawberry Magic Hard Cider kicked up with a hint of Saturday night. We blend it a little differently around here. If you’ve never tried it, get ready for confetti.

Conan the Strawberrian – Mead – Melomel
6.0% ABV – Crafted Artisan Meadery – Mogadore, OH

Cyser Series: Red Raspberry – Mead – Cyser
5.0% ABV – Crafted Artisan Meadery – Mogadore, OH
Tart and refreshing raspberry undertones with subtle sweetness give way to crisp honey and apple. Aromas of honey and fruit. #meadisnotcider

Estrella – Lager – Euro
5.4% ABV – Damm – Barcelona, Cataluña
Brewed according to the original 1876 recipe. Golden with amber tones and a few green highlights. It is clean and bright. The head has an ecru colour and is long-lasting. We recommend drinking this beer in a glass that is slightly closed at the top.
www.estrelladamm.com. You can follow the brand on Twitter: @EstrellaDammEng (English), @EstrellaDammEs (Spanish) or @EstrellaDammCat (Catalan).

Shandy – Shandy / Radler
3.2% ABV – Damm – Barcelona, Cataluña
Beer with Natural Lemon and Lime flavors
Crafted to remove gluten

Dry Hopped Grapefruit – Cider – Other
5.3% ABV – Downeast Cider House – Boston, MA
something refreshing to remind you spring is on the way – dry unfiltered cider with fresh grapefruit juice and equinox hops

Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie – Cider – Other
5.5% ABV – Dupont – Victot-Pontfol, Calvados
2015 vintage

Farmgate – Farmhouse Cider
7.5% ABV – Millstone Cellars – Monkton, MD
Heavy oaked American off-dry cider. Barrel fermented Jonathon and Stayman Winesap apples. Conditioned with cryo cider and aged on French and American oak chips.

Glütiny Pale Ale – Gluten-Free
6.0% ABV – New Belgium Brewing Company – Fort Collins, CO
An uncompromised gluten reduced beer for the most adventurous hop heads. Armed with a hefty dose of Exinox hops.

Organic Cider – Cider – Apple
5.0% ABV – Samuel Smith – Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
A medium dry cider with brilliant straw colour, light body, clean apple flavour and a gentle apple blossom finish. Best served at about 44°F (7°C).

Ingredients • Water*, organic apple concentrate, organic cane sugar, malic acid*, yeast*, (*permitted non-organic ingredients).

Samuel Smith’s makes this cider at a small, independent British brewery, the oldest brewery in Yorkshire.

Organic Perry – Perry
5.0% ABV – Samuel Smith – Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Dry, sparkling pear cider with glowing pale straw colour,smooth body, crisp but rich flavor and the gentle aroma of a summer pear orchard. Serving suggestions: Blue cheese or gorgonzola; arugula or Waldorf salad; sweet potatoes; pancetta or prosciutto; pear tart. Very nice with dishes featuring ginger. Best served at about 44°F (7°C)

Dry – Cider – Dry
6.5% ABV – Shacksbury – Shoreham, VT

Shacksbury Rosé – Cider – Rosé
6.0% ABV – Shacksbury – Shoreham, VT
Vermont apples aged in Marquette grape skins.

- Non-Alcoholic -

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